Our Story

We started out as two restaurant workers sick of the way the food industry worked. We saw restaurants and food start-ups using horrible ingredients and charging high prices while not taking care of the people that they interacted with. So, We left the industry and began to dissect it as outsiders. We saw three main players when it came to the food world. Farmers, Distributers, and Producers who made up the world of food in many different shapes and forms. 

We then decided to see if we could come up with a way to rebuild the current food system. We knew a few things. First, the food had to taste good, the ingredients had to be grown by small-scale farms because this was the only way to ensure quality, and we had to cut out the distributor. By doing these three things we thought we could make delicious food that is good for the body and Mother Earth it more accessible to the world. 

We wanted to go above and beyond what was currently being created in the food industry. We introduced freeze drying technology because we found it was the only way for us to preserve our food and keep it tasting its freshest without adding preservatives or chemicals. This also lowered our carbon footprint because when shipping directly to our customers the food weighs less. 

After testing many ideas we came up with No Bull Food where we are able to create amazing meals we were proud of being cause we grow them, cook them, and send them directly to our customers. We ran our first pilot at Burning Man 2016 and successfully fed 3,000 people for one week. We found that this ideas is so efficient that we are actually able to give back. So, we developed S.A.M.E (So All May Eat) where for every meal we sell we give one to someone who is currently struggling to feed them self.


The People

Brenden Blaine Darby

Chef, Writer, Nomad, and Weirdo.



Adam Hayes

Mixologist, Creative Adventurer, and Wino.