Freeze Dried ❄️



When you receive your meals cooking could not be easier.

  1. Simply boil water 
  2. Pour the recommended amount into the container full of organic delicious food. 
  3. Cover for the recommend time (5-10 minutes)
  4. Eat and empower yourself to be powerful! 


Freeze drying is the process we use of preserving our meals by rapidly freezing the vegetables minutes after they are harvested and then subjecting them to a high vacuum that removes all water in the vegetable by sublimation (the process of ice turning into a gas before it turn into a liquid which preserves the structure and color of the produce). 


Freeze drying is the best way we found to do the following:

  • Keep our meals nutrient rich as heating and canning can reduce the amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables. 
  • Lower our carbon footprint in shipping by reducing the weight of or meals by removing all the water. 
  • Maintaining high quality without having to add excess salt or chemicals to keeps our meals fresh.