Zero Food Waste

The No Bull Food movement looks to eliminate food waste by rebuilding food systems and the way people gain access to quality sustainable food.  

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Small-Scale Farming

The majority of food is wasted at the farm for many reasons. The produce might be the wrong shape, to small, or will be too ripe by the time it makes it to the restaurant or grocery store. So we decided the best way to solve this was to grow all the food on one farm. 


Freeze Drying Technology

Our biggest hurdle with making high quality organic food more accessible and affordable was perishability. We tested multiple methods of preservation and found that freeze drying was the best way to reduce food waste, keep our meals nutrient dense, lower our carbon footprint, and make delicious food.  

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Minimal Carbon Footprint

When we looked at the current food systems and the struggles many small scale farms have, and we noticed one major issue. All the produce is shipped multiple times to many places. All of our meals are produced, packaged, and shipped to you from our farms. This allows us to harvest our produce when it will taste its best.