Our Mission

Implementing creative solutions to the environmental crisis through chefs, farmers, and communities with the sustainably delicious foods.

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No Bull Sh!t

Our food is contains no GMO's and is grown on our farm without pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. We also do not have to ship our produce all over the country so the fruits and vegetables that go into our meals are picked at the perfect ripeness. The same people making your food are the people growing you food. Each meal is made with respect and thoughtful intention for the ingredients that go into each bite. We are busy people as well and simply want to minimize the amount of "Bull Sh!t" we have to deal with on a daily basis. So, we create good food that empowers all of us to be powerfu


As we rebuild food systems in our community we look to make them lasting and continually evolving. We are able to do this because we use all the produce grown by the farmer and nothing is wasted. The farm is then able to use its best practices to make the highest quality produce possible because they are spending less time selling their produce. Our system does not require shipping and packaging eliminating the use of plastic and lowering the carbon foot print drasticly. 



None of this works without our dedicated community. We have built close knit relationships with our farms so that all members that interact within this community befit. We also strive to better communities all over the world by donating to a meal to someone who cannot afford one, every time we sell a meal. History shows us that strong communities are created when everyone has good healthy and easily accessible food.