Crucnhy Garbanzo Bean Ratatouille

Crucnhy Garbanzo Bean Ratatouille


This protein packed Ratatouille makes and excellent entrée. We roast our garbanzo beans in sea salt and olive oil so the skins are super crunchy and provide a delicious texture to our summer vegetables.

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Vegan and Gluten Free

Nutrition Per 4.0 oz:  Calories: 396 kcal  Fat: 4g  Carbs: 58g  Protein: 18g  Sodium: 538mg

Preparation: Bring 1.5 cups of water to boil. Add water to bag and seal bag with ziplock and let stand 10 minutes.

Ingredients: Squash, Tomatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Onion, Peppers, Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Cumin, Chipotle Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Lemon Zest, Chili Powder.

Storage Life
18-24 Months