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Last year our camp created a new way to do food on the playa. We used local farms, freeze drying technology, and our kitchen creativity to build No Bull Food. We had these problems in with cooking on Playa in previous years:

  • We had a lot of food waste and garbage to haul afterwards.
  • Our campmates did not want to spend a lot of time cooking.
  • We spent a lot more than we budgeted for on food.

So we decided to try a new approach to cooking on the Playa. We kept these three principles in mind in creating our food program:

  • All ingredients must be organic and sustainably grown.
  • There must be zero food waste.
  • It has to taste really good!

All the food is grown, cooked, freeze dried, packaged, and delivered from our farm in the Santa Cruz, CA. Lastly we continually want to give back. So for each meal that makes its way to Burning Man 2017 we will gift an organic healthy meal to someone in need.

We are now taking orders for camps of 10 or more! Each day includes one Breakfast and one Dinner: 

10-20 people-10$ per person per day

21-50 people-9$ per person per day

51-80 people-8$ per person per day

80+ people-7$ per person per day


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